I'm a programmer that enjoys exploring the inner workings of modern computers and creating useful software.

Notable Personal Projects

Nintendo Emulator

Nintendo Entertainment System emulator written in rust. Implements a 6502 processor and graphics display unit. Includes webassembly port

Github Online Demo

FPGA VGA Display Driver

Outputs a 640x480 black and white image on a VGA interface. Accepts commands via an SPI interface. Written in Verilog and implemented on an Altera FPGA.



Playstation 1 emulator written rust. Emulates a full MIPS R3000 processor, plus a variety of custom sony chips. Capable of running a handful of commercial games.


STM32 MIDI Synthesizer

A basic toy synth with 16 polyphonic voices and a simple ADSR envelope. Accepts MIDI commands via serial port.